Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Ricoh Theta S Camera

I have just received my new Ricoh Theta S Spherical VR Digital Camera.

First impressions are that its sleek form and rubberized coating make it pleasant to handle.  It comes with a soft case, but I think that any serious user will want to get the Ricoh TH-1 Hard Case.  Mine is on order at the moment as everywhere seems to have sold out of them.

As yet, I have only taken a few photos in the garden, but I am impressed with the simplicity of design and the way that it works with the iPhone app.  A tripod, or monopod is a definite advantage, unless you want a large thumb in the bottom of the picture.

I will be doing some more testing later in the week, but my first thoughts are that this camera does everything that it claims, and does it for a very fair price.

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